Monday, January 15, 2018

Document Center Inc. is pleased to announce that the following New Standards on Environmental Protection are now available:

  • BS-EN-16766, 2017 Edition, Bio-based solvents.  Requirements and test methods. 
  • ISO-14026, 1st Edition, Environmental labels and declarations - Principles, requirements and guidelines for communication of footprint information
  • ISO-14034 SPANISH, 1st Edition, Environmental management - Environmental technology verification (ETV)
  • ISO-14055-1, 1st Edition, Environmental management - Guidelines for establishing good practices for combatting land degradation and desertification - Part 1: Good practices framework
  • ISO-18557, 1st Edition, Characterisation principles for soils, buildings and infrastructures contaminated by radionuclides for remediation purposes
  • ISO-20053, 1st Edition, Ships and marine technology - Marine environment protection - Specifications on design and selection of sorbents
  • ISO-20400 SPANISH, 1st Edition, Sustainable procurement - Guidance
  • ISO-21070, 2nd Edition, Ships and marine technology - Marine environment protection - Management and handling of shipboard garbage
  • ISO-27914, 1st Edition, Carbon dioxide capture, transportation and geological storage - Geological storage
  • PAS-185, 2017 Edition, Smart Cities. Specification for establishing and implementing a security-minded approach

To see more standards like these, please visit our Document Center List of Standards on Environmental Protection and the links therein to the various sub-sets of this ICS Code.