Friday, December 12, 2014

New Paper and Board Standards for the 3rd Quarter 2014

Document Center Inc. is pleased to announce that the following New Standards on Paper and Board are now available:

  • BS EN ISO 2758, 2014 Edition, Paper. Determination of bursting strength
  • BS EN ISO 2759, 2014 Edition, Board. Determination of bursting strength
  • ISO 2469, 5th Edition, Paper, board and pulps - Measurement of diffuse radiance factor (diffuse reflectance factor)
  • ISO 2758, 4th Edition, Paper - Determination of bursting strength
  • ISO 2759, 4th Edition, Board - Determination of bursting strength
  • ISO 5630-7, 1st Edition, Paper and board - Accelerated ageing - Part 7: Exposure to light
  • ISO 5631-2, 2nd Edition, Paper and board - Determination of colour by diffuse reflectance - Part 2: Outdoor daylight conditions (D65/10 degrees)
  • ISO 5631-3, 2nd Edition, Paper and board - Determination of colour by diffuse reflectance - Part 3: Indoor illumination conditions (D50/2 degrees)
  • TAPPI T257, 2014 Edition, Sampling and preparing wood for analysis
  • TAPPI T414, 2012 Edition with Editorial Correction, Internal tearing resistance of paper (Elmendorf-type method)
  • TAPPI T515, 2014 Edition, Visual grading and color matching of paper
  • TAPPI T529, 2014 Edition, Surface pH measurement of paper
  • TAPPI T648, 2014 Edition, Viscosity of coating clay slurry
  • TAPPI TIP 0200-01, 2014 Reprint (Corrected reprint of 2011 Edition), Guidelines for web conveyance and winding tension levels
  • TAPPI TIP 0402-11, 2014 Edition, Liquid penetrant testing of new suction roll shells
  • TAPPI TIP 0402-35, 2014 Edition, Post-fabrication cleaning of stainless steel in the pulp and paper industry
  • TAPPI TIP 0402-37, 2014 Edition, Fluoropolymer properties and applications in pulp and paper mills
  • TAPPI TIP 0404-24, 2014 Edition, Guidelines for the design, operation, performance evaluation, and troubleshooting of a paper machine hood and air systems
  • TAPPI TIP 0404-26, 2014 Edition, Paper machine clothing performance analysis
  • TAPPI TIP 0416-23, 2014 Edition, Explanation of Recovery Boiler Leak Indications
  • TAPPI TIP 0607-25, 2014 Edition, Definitions of Terms in the Sulfite Pulping Process

For more standards like these, please see our Document Center List of Standards on Paper and Board.  

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