Thursday, October 29, 2015

New Nanotechnology Standards for the 3rd Quarter 2015

Document Center Inc. is pleased to announce that the following New Standards on Nanotechnology are now available:

  • IEC 62607-4-1, Edition 2.0, Nanomanufacturing - Key control characteristics - Part 4-1: Cathode nanomaterials for nano-enabled electrical energy storage - Electrochemical characterisation, 2-electrode cell method
  • IEC 62607-4-3, Edition 1.0, Nanomanufacturing - Key control characteristics - Part 4-3: Nano-enabled electrical energy storage - Contact and coating resistivity measurements for nanomaterials
  • ISO 17466, 1st Edition, Use of UV-Vis absorption spectroscopy in the characterization of cadmium chalcogenide colloidal quantum dots
  • PD CEN ISO 12025, 2015 Edition with Corrigendum 1, Nanomaterials. Quantification of nano-object release from powders by generation of aerosols
  • PD CEN ISO 27687, Corrigendum 1 for 2009 Edition, Nanotechnologies. Terminology and definitions for nano-objects. Nanoparticle, nanofibre and nanoplate

For more standards like these, please see our Document Center List of Standards on Physics, Chemistry.

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