Friday, August 5, 2016

New Cement, Gypsum, Lime, and Mortar Standards for the 2nd Quarter 2016

Document Center, Inc. is pleased to announce that the following Standards on Cement, Gypsum, Lime, and Mortar are now available;

  • ASTM C11, 2016 Edition, Standard Terminology Relating to Gypsum and Related Building Materials and Systems
  • ASTM C25, 2011 Edition with Editorial Correction, Standard Test Methods for Chemical Analysis of Limestone, Quicklime, and Hydrated Lime
  • ASTM C109, 2016A Edition, Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Hydraulic Cement Mortars (Using 2-in. or [50-mm] Cube Specimens)
  • ASTM C150, 2016 Edition with Editorial Correction, Standard Specification for Portland Cement
  • ASTM C199, 1984 Edition Reapproved in 2016, Standard Test Method for Pier Test for Refractory Mortars
  • ASTM C465, 2016 Edition, Standard Specification for Processing Additions for Use in the Manufacture of Hydraulic Cements
  • ASTM C595, 2016 Edition, Standard Specification for Blended Hydraulic Cements
  • ASTM C786, 2010 Edition Reapproved in 2016, Standard Test Method for Fineness of Hydraulic Cement and Raw Materials by the 300-µm (No. 50), 150-µm (No. 100), and 75-µm (No. 200) Sieves by Wet Methods
  • ASTM C827, 2016 Edition, Standard Test Method for Change in Height at Early Ages of Cylindrical Specimens of Cementitious Mixtures
  • ASTM C926, 2016A Edition, Standard Specification for Application of Portland Cement-Based Plaster
  • ASTM C1063, 2016A Edition, Standard Specification for Installation of Lathing and Furring to Receive Interior and Exterior Portland Cement-Based Plaster
  • ASTM C1329, 2016 Edition, Standard Specification for Mortar Cement
  • ASTM C1655, 2006 Edition Reapproved in 2016, Standard Classification of Fireclay and High-Alumina Mortars
  • ASTM C1704, 2009A Edition Reapproved in 2016, Standard Test Method for Sampling and Testing Structural Cementitious Panels
  • ASTM C1705, 2009 Edition Reapproved in 2016, Standard Specification for Structural Cementitious Panels
  • BS EN 196-1, 2016 Edition, Methods of testing cement. Determination of strength
  • BS EN 196-10, 2016 Edition, Methods of testing cement. Determination of the water-soluble chromium (VI) content of cement
  • BS EN 1015-12, 2016 Edition, Methods of test for mortar for masonry. Determination of adhesive strength of hardened rendering and plastering mortars on substrates
  • PAS 8820, 2016 Edition, Construction materials. Alkali-activated cementitious material and concrete. Specification
  • PD CEN 16912, 2016 Edition, Guidelines for a procedure to support the European standardization of cements

For more standards like these, please refer to our Document Center List of Standards on Cement, Gypsum, Lime, and Mortar.