Monday, February 20, 2017

New Dental Equipment Standards for the 4th Quarter 2016

Document Center, Inc. is pleased to announce that the following Standards on Dental Equipment are now available;

  • BS EN ISO 3964, 2016 Edition, Dentistry. Coupling dimensions for handpiece connectors
  • BS EN ISO 9173-1, 2016 Edition, Dentistry. Extraction forceps. General requirements
  • BS EN ISO 17509, 2016 Edition, Dentistry. Torque transmitter for handpieces
  • DIN 13977, Withdrawn and Replaced by DIN EN ISO 18556, Dentistry - Heidemann spatulas
  • DIN EN ISO 2157, 2016 Edition, Dentistry - Nominal diameters and designation code numbers for rotary instruments
  • DIN EN ISO 15606, Withdrawn and Replaced by DIN EN ISO 18397, Dental handpieces - Air-powered scalers and scaler tips
  • ISO 3964, 3rd Edition, Dentistry - Coupling dimensions for handpiece connectors
  • ISO 9173-1, 3rd Edition, Dentistry - Extraction forceps - Part 1: General requirements and test methods
  • ISO 17509, 1st Edition, Dentistry - Torque transmitter for handpieces

For more standards like these, please refer to our Document Center List of Standards on Dental Equipment.