Wednesday, March 29, 2017

New Wastes Standards for the 4th Quarter 2016

Document Center, Inc. is pleased to announce that the following Standards on Wastes are now available;

  • ASTM D4844, 2016 Edition, Standard Guide for Air Monitoring at Waste Management Facilities for Worker Protection
  • ASTM D4978, 2016 Edition, Standard Test Methods for Screening of Reactive Sulfides in Waste
  • ASTM D5210, Withdrawn Without Replacement, Standard Test Method for Determining the Anaerobic Biodegradation of Plastic Materials in the Presence of Municipal Sewage Sludge
  • ASTM D5468, Withdrawn Without Replacement, Standard Test Method for Gross Calorific and Ash Value of Waste Materials
  • ASTM D5608,  2016 Edition, Standard Practices for Decontamination of Sampling and Non Sample Contacting Equipment Used at Low Level Radioactive Waste Sites
  • ASTM D5681, 2016A Edition, Standard Terminology for Waste and Waste Management
  • ASTM D6050,  2009 Edition Reapproved in 2016, Standard Test Method for Determination of Insoluble Solids in Organic Liquid Hazardous Waste
  • ASTM D6340, Withdrawn Without Replacement, Standard Test Methods for Determining Aerobic Biodegradation of Radiolabeled Plastic Materials in an Aqueous or Compost Environment
  • ASTM D6498, Withdrawn Without Replacement, Standard Guide for Household Hazardous Waste Training Outline for Household Hazardous Waste Collection Operations

For more standards like these, please refer to our Document Center List of Standards on Wastes.