Thursday, October 16, 2014

New Materials for Aerospace Construction Standards for the 3rd Quarter 2014

Document Center Inc. is pleased to announce that the following New Standards on Materials for Aerospace Construction are now available:

  • ASTM C800, 2014 Edition, Standard Specification for Fibrous Glass Blanket Insulation (Aircraft Type)
  • BS 2PL-1, Withdrawn without replacement, Specification for phenolic mouldings for aeronautical purposes
  • BS 2V-35, Withdrawn without replacement, Specification for plywood for aeronautical purposes
  • BS 2V-37, Withdrawn without replacement, Specification for Sitka spruce as finished timber
  • BS 3V-4, Withdrawn without replacement, Specification for aircraft material. Ash
  • BS EN 2032-001, 2014 Edition (Replaces BS-EN-2032-1), Aerospace series. Metallic materials. Conventional designation
  • BS EN 2226, 2014 Edition, Aerospace series. Steel X105CrMo17 (1.4125). Hardened and tempered. Hand and die forgings. De = 150 mm
  • BS EN 2402, 2014 Edition, Aerospace series. Heat resisting nickel base alloy NiCr20Co3Fe3. Annealed. Wire. D = 10 mm
  • BS EN 4293, 2014 Edition, Aerospace series. Aluminium alloy AL-P7175. T73511. Extruded bar and section. a or D = 150 mm
  • BS EN 4707, 2014 Edition, Aerospace series. Acid pickling of aluminum and aluminum alloy without hexavalent chromium

For more standards like these, please see our Document Center List of Standards on Materials for Aerospace Construction.  There's links to additional sub-topics as well.

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