Tuesday, July 5, 2016

New Geotextiles Standards for the 2nd Quarter 2016

Document Center, Inc. is pleased to announce that the following Standards on Geotextiles are now available;

  • ASTM D1987, 2007 Edition Reapproved in 2016, Standard Test Method for Biological Clogging of Geotextile or Soil/Geotextile Filters
  • ASTM D4886, 2010 Edition Reapproved in 2016, Standard Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Geotextiles (Sand Paper/Sliding Block Method)
  • ASTM D5262, 2016 Edition, Standard Test Method for Evaluating the Unconfined Tension Creep and Creep Rupture Behavior of Geosynthetics
  • ASTM D5493, 2006 Edition Reapproved in 2016, Standard Test Method for Permittivity of Geotextiles Under Load
  • ASTM D5596, 2003 Edition Reapproved in 2016, Standard Test Method For Microscopic Evaluation of the Dispersion of Carbon Black in Polyolefin Geosynthetics
  • ASTM D5819, 2005 Edition Reapproved in 2016, Standard Guide for Selecting Test Methods for Experimental Evaluation of Geosynthetic Durability
  • ASTM D6389, 1999 Edition Reapproved in 2016, Standard Practice for Tests to Evaluate the Chemical Resistance of Geotextiles to Liquids
  • ASTM D6707, 2006 Edition Reapproved in 2016 with Editorial Correction, Standard Specification for Circular-Knit Geotextile for Use in Subsurface Drainage Applications
  • ASTM D7178, 2016 Edition, Standard Practice for Determining the Number of Constrictions 'm' of Non-Woven Geotextiles as a Complementary Filtration Property
  • ASTM D7748, 2014 Edition with Editorial Correction, Standard Test Method for Flexural Rigidity of Geogrids, Geotextiles and Related Products
  • BS EN 13719, 2016 Edition, Geosynthetics. Determination of the long term protection efficiency of geosynthetics in contact with geosynthetic barriers
  • UNE-EN-13254, 2014 Edition with Amendment 1, Geotextiles and geotextile-related products - Characteristics required for use in the construction of reservoirs and dams

For more standards like these, please refer to our Document Center List of Standards on Geotextiles.