Thursday, December 22, 2016

New Latex and Raw Rubber Standards for the 3rd Quarter 2016

Document Center, Inc. is pleased to announce that the following Standards on Latex and Raw Rubber are now available;

  • ASTM D2702, 2005 Edition Reapproved in 2016, Standard Practice for Rubber Chemicals - Determination of Infrared Absorption Characteristics
  • BS ISO 249, 2016 Edition, Rubber, raw natural. Determination of dirt content
  • BS ISO 6235, 2016 Edition, Rubber, raw. Determination of block polystyrene content. Ozonolysis method
  • BS ISO 19246, 2016 Edition, Rubber compounding ingredients. Silica. Oil absorption of precipitated silica
  • ISO 249, 5th Edition, Rubber, raw natural - Determination of dirt content
  • ISO 6235, 3rd Edition, Rubber, raw - Determination of block polystyrene content - Ozonolysis method
  • ISO 19246, 1st Edition, Rubber compounding ingredients - Silica - Oil absorption of precipitated silica

For more standards like these, please refer to our Document Center List of Standards on Latex and Raw Rubber