Friday, May 16, 2014

New Air Quality Standards for the 1st Quarter 2014

Document Center Inc. is pleased to announce that the following New Standards on Air Quality are now available:

  • ASTM C1304, 2008 Edition Reaffirmed in 2013, Standard Test Method for Assessing the Odor Emission of Thermal Insulation Materials
  • ASTM D1356, 2014 Edition, Standard Terminology Relating to Sampling and Analysis of Atmospheres
  • BS EN 1948-4, 2010 Edition with Amendment A1, Stationary source emissions. Determination of the mass concentration of PCDDs/PCDFs and dioxin-like PCBs.  Sampling and analysis of dioxin-like PCBs
  • BS EN 13936, 2014 Edition, Workplace exposure. Procedures for measuring a chemical agent present as a mixture of airborne particles and vapour. Requirements and test methods
  • BS EN 16402, 2013 Edition, Paints and varnishes. Assessment of emissions of substances from coatings into indoor air. Sampling, conditioning and testing
  • BS EN 16413, 2014 Edition, Ambient air. Biomonitoring with lichens. Assessing epiphytic lichen diversity
  • BS EN 16414, 2014 Edition, Ambient air. Biomonitoring with mosses. Accumulation of atmospheric contaminants in mosses collected in situ: from the collection to the preparation of samples
  • BS ISO 15031-4, 2014 Edition, Road vehicles. Communication between vehicle and external equipment for emissions-related diagnostics. External test equipment
  • BS ISO 16000-21, 2013 Edition, Indoor air. Detection and enumeration of moulds. Sampling from materials
  • ISO 15031-4, 2nd Edition, Road vehicles - Communication between vehicle and external equipment for emissions-related diagnostics - Part 4: External test equipment

For similar standards, see our Document Center List of Standards on Air Quality and following the links to the subtopics you're interested in.

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