Monday, June 3, 2013

New Environmental Testing Standards for the 1st Quarter 2013

Document Center Inc. is pleased to announce that the following new Standards on Environmental Testing are available:

  • ASTM D6653, 2013 Edition, Standard Test Methods for Determining the Effects of High Altitude on Packaging Systems by Vacuum Method
  • ASTM D6686, 2001 Reaffirmed in 2013 Edition, Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Tannin Stain Resistance of Coatings
  • ASTM G154, 2012a Edition, Standard Practice for Operating Fluorescent Ultraviolet (UV) Lamp Apparatus for Exposure of Nonmetallic Materials
  • ASTM G160, 2012 Edition, Standard Practice for Evaluating Microbial Susceptibility of Nonmetallic Materials By Laboratory Soil Burial
  • IEC 60068-2-55, Edition 2.0, Environmental testing - Part 2-55: Tests - Test Ee and guidance - Loose cargo testing including bounce
  • IEC 60068-2-65, Edition 2.0, Environmental testing - Part 2-65: Tests - Test Fg: Vibration - Acoustically induced method
  • IEC 62725, Edition 1.0, Analysis of quantification methodologies of greenhouse gas emissions for electrical and electronic products and systems

To see more standards on this topic, please see our Document Center List of Environmental Standards.  Or if you are interested in U.S. Government Standards on these tests, review our Document Center List of Government Standards on Environmental Requirements and Related Technology.

Environmental Standards provide the means to verify that equipment can withstand particular conditions, like salt spray for use in marine environments or vibration for airborne equipment.  Your product or component is subjected to the test conditions and will pass or fail the parameters specified by the document.

While tests are conducted in certified labs or in-house, the standards required are available from Document Center.  And we monitor those publications for you, so that you can be assured that when a standard you purchase from us changes, you will be notified.

Let Document Center - Your Standards Experts - provide you with the complete service you require to keep your conformance documentation complete and correct.