Monday, August 19, 2013

New Natural Gas Standards for the 2nd Quarter 2013

Document Center Inc. is pleased to announce that the following New Standards on Natural Gas are available now:

  • ASTM D4891, 2013 Edition, Standard Test Method for Heating Value of Gases in Natural Gas and Flare Gases Range by Stoichiometric Combustion
  • BS EN ISO 6974-1, Corrigendum 1 for 2012 Edition, Natural gas. Determination of composition and associated uncertainty by gas chromatography. General guidelines and calculation of composition
  • BS EN ISO 10723, 2012 Edition, Natural gas. Performance evaluation for analytical systems
  • BS EN ISO 13686, 2013 Edition, Natural gas. Quality designation
  • DIN EN ISO 10723, 2013 Edition, Natural gas - Performance evaluation for analytical systems (ISO 10723:2012)
  • ISO 13686, 2nd Edition, Natural gas - Quality designation

For more standards on this topic, please see our Document Center List of Standards on Natural Gas.

Natural gas is in the news with regularity these days.  Coverage is wide-ranging, from the concerns about fracking and explosions to the economic benefits of natural gas exploration in the U.S. and the use of natural gas as a clean and cheap fuel for U.S. business and government automobile fleets.

These type of standards for natural gas will center on the analysis of the gas itself for various components, like water and mercury.  You'll also find rating schemes like the quality designations above.  And of course the standards for adding an odor to natural gas as a safety precaution.

If you're involved in the use of natural gas as a utility, as a supplier, or as an industrial user, you'll certainly want to have a source for standards that will alert you to changes in the standards you currently use.  But if you rely on Document Center, you'll not only get timely update notifications but you'll also find out about new releases in your area of interest.  With the liabilities associated with the use of natural gas, no organization can afford to be ignorant of the changes that occur in this area.

That's why thousands of companies make Document Center their Standards Experts!