Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Nanotechnology Standards for the 2nd Quarter 2013

Document Center Inc. is pleased to announce that the following new Standards for Nanotechnology are available:

  • IEST RP NANO200, 1st Edition, Planning of Nanoscale Science and Technology Facilities: Guidelines for Design, Construction, and Start-up
  • ISO/TS 16195, 1st Edition, Nanotechnologies - Guidance for developing representative test materials consisting of nano-objects in dry powder form
  • ISO/TS 17200, 1st Edition, Nanotechnology - Nanoparticles in powder form - Characteristics and measurements

You may also be interested in reviewing the ISO/TS 80004 series on Nanotechnologies - Vocabulary:

  • ISO/TS 80004-1, 1st Edition, Nanotechnologies -- Vocabulary -- Part 1: Core terms
  • ISO/TS 80004-3, 1st Edition, Nanotechnologies -- Vocabulary -- Part 3: Carbon nano-objects
  • ISO/TS 80004-4, 1st Edition, Nanotechnologies - Vocabulary - Part 4: Nanostructured materials
  • ISO/TS 80004-5, 1st Edition, Nanotechnologies - Vocabulary - Part 5: Nano/bio interface
  • ISO/TS 80004-7, 1st Edition, Nanotechnologies - Vocabulary - Part 7: Diagnostics and therapeutics for healthcare
The balance of the series (eventually there will be 12 parts) is under development right now.

Further review of additional Nanotechnology Standards can be made at the Document Center List of Standards on Physics, Chemistry.  

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New Nanotechnology Standards for the 2nd Quarter 2015

It is the ISO Technical Committee TC 229 that develops these publications.  The U.S. participation in International activities is provided by ANSI with oversight by NIST, NIOSH, and IEST, as well as individual participants.  These folks all work with the ISO committee that releases standards covering material that typically is smaller than 100 nanometres in one or more dimensions.  This material is intended to have novel properties, allowing for the development of new materials, processes and systems. 

In the U.S., you'll want to be aware of the IEST Nanotechnology Institute as well.  The U.S. development centers on the IEST document above plus the ISO 14644-12, which is currently a draft document.

Nanotechnology is a rapidly developing area of standardization at the international level.  There are a couple of publications from as far back as 2008, but most released are dated in 2010 at the latest.  Areas of standardization include vocabulary, metrology and instrumentation, testing, modeling, and of course, health and safety issues.

If Nanotechnology is your area of expertise, you'll want to keep up not only with changing standards in this field, but also new releases.  As you'll notice the documents above are all 1st Editions, that is, newly issued publications.  Only Document Center provides you with a way to easily review these releases from many different organizations, while offering you a one-stop location for purchasing them as well.  

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