Monday, July 8, 2013

New Aircraft and Space Vehicle Standards for the 1st Quarter 2013

Document Center Inc. is pleased to announce that the following New Standards on Aircraft and Space Vehicles in General are now available:

  • ASTM F2245, 2013a Edition, Standard Specification for Design and Performance of a Light Sport Airplane
  • ISO 20785-1, 2nd Edition, Dosimetry for exposures to cosmic radiation in civilian aircraft - Part 1: Conceptual basis for measurements
  • BS EN 9104-001, 2013 Edition, Aerospace series. Quality management systems. Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defence Quality Management System Certification Programs
  • BS EN 9115, 2013 Edition, Quality Management Systems. Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations. Deliverable Software (Supplement to EN 9100)
  • BS ISO 20785-1, 2012 Edition, Dosimetry for exposures to cosmic radiation in civilian aircraft. Conceptual basis for measurements
  • BS ISO 24394, 2008 Edition with Amendment 1, Welding for aerospace applications. Qualification test for welders and welding operators. Fusion welding of metallic components

For more standards on this topic, see the following:

We extend our condolences to the families of those lost in Saturday's Asiana crash here in San Francisco.  And, of course, we are praying for the recovery of those who were hurt in the accident as well.  

When the news of the "hard landing" was first reported by television crews here in the Bay Area, it looked like there might be many more fatalities than actually occurred.  In retrospect, we can thank the aerospace industry for considering and acting on the hazards in these types of unforeseen and rare events.  

Here in the U.S., our primary standards developers for the aerospace industry are SAE International and AIA.  Both Standards Developers publish many new and updated standards throughout the year. 

There's a couple of documents that come to mind as an indicator of the emphasis that's been placed on two areas of aircraft development -- improved seat design to withstand extreme impact and the use of fire-retardant materials in the passenger areas.

ARP 5765, "Analytical Methods for Aircraft Seat Design and Evaluation," for example, recommends a  methodology to evaluate the correlation between a seat model and a dynamic impact test.  A new revision for this publication is in the works right now.  The standard was developed in response to sections of 14 CFR (Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations) on the computer modeling of seat impact conditions.  

14 CFR Part 25 covers the issue of self-extinguishing cabin interiors (materials that cease burning when the source of the flame is removed).  One method for protecting the passenger area is the use of insulating thermal blankets between the exterior of the fuselage and the cabin interior.  ASTM C800Standard Specification for Glass Fiber Blanket Insulation (Aircraft Type), is a good example of this.

Please let us know if you need standards for aerospace applications.  Document Center Inc. is proud to be of service to the industry -- We're Your Standards Experts.