Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Register on www.document-center.com and see your List of Standards!

Document Center customers are loving the new functionality we just added to our website.  Released over the holiday weekend, the new log in interface provides you with a look at the status of your standards collection whenever you want!

There's three benefits to the new feature:

1.  Your customer information automatically fills in the order form.  We don't use cookies on our site to track you.  So using the log in system allows the website to recognize you.

2.  You immediately see your List of Standards when you log in, with the most recent publications listed at the top.  Nice touch -- Any document that has been updated after you purchased it is highlighted!  Spot potential problems quickly and easily, then order just what you need to be in compliance.

3.  You can see your Standards in an Order History format.  This means you can take a quick look to see what standards you've purchased during the last month, last quarter or last year!  Are you unsure if you got that new copy yet?  Any purchases show up on your list the next business day after the Document Center invoice is processed.  You'll see your authorization number, too!  Another nice way to keep track of what you're buying.

What do you need to do?

Just go to Document Center's website, www.document-center.com, and register.  You'll get a confirmation email that will let you log in for the first time.  

If the email address you use is the same one as we have on file for your customer account,  you'll get all the information on your documents right away.

Do let us know if the email address we have on file for you is not the one you use now.  We can update your customer account and you'll get the full display one business day later.

Would you like to use this interface to keep track of your standards, but you don't have a customer account with us?  Or do you like it so much, you'd like to add more standards to your service?

Ask our sales staff to get you signed up for the documents you need us to track for you.  It's easy and affordable.  Document Center has lots of ways for you to keep up-to-date with the documentation you requirement.  Make us your Standards Experts!