Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Fuse and Other Overcurrent Protection Device Standards for the 2nd Quarter 2013

Document Center Inc. is pleased to announce that the following New Standards on Fuses and Other Overcurrent Protection Devices are now available:

  • BS EN 1760-1, Withdrawn, Replaced by BS EN ISO 13856-1
  • BS EN 50122-1, Corrigendum for 2011 Edition, Railway Applications. Fixed Installations. Electrical Safety, Earthing and the Return Circuit. Protective Provisions Against Electric Shock
  • BS EN 50539-11, 2013 Edition, Low-Voltage Surge Protective Devices. Surge Protective Devices for Specific Application Including D.C. Requirements and Tests for SPDS in Photovoltaic Applications
  • BS EN 61008-1, Corrigendum for 2012/A13 Edition, Residual Current Operated Circuit-Breakers Without Integral Overcurrent Protection for Household and Similar Uses (RCCB's). General Rules
  • BS EN 61643-21, 2001/A2 Edition, Low Voltage Surge Protective Devices. Surge Protective Devices Connected To Telecommunications and Signalling Networks. Performance Requirements and Testing Methods 
  • BS EN 62423, 2012 Edition, Type F and Type B Residual Current Operated Circuit-Breakers With and Without Integral Overcurrent Protection for Household and Similar Uses
  • BS EN ISO 13856-1, 2013 Edition, Safety of Machinery. Pressure-Sensitive Protective Devices. General Principles for Design and Testing of Pressure-Sensitive Mats and Pressure-Sensitive Floors
  • IEC 60099-5, Edition 2.0, Surge Arresters - Part 5: Selection and Application Recommendations
  • IEC 60549, Edition 2.0, High-Voltage Fuses for the External Protection of Shunt Capacitors
  • IEC 62655, Edition 1.0, Tutorial and Application Guide for High-Voltage Fuses

Standards involving electricity resist harmonization.  You'll often find IEC standards adopted, but with national variances.  This has to do with the piecemeal development of electrical standards around the world.  That's why you'll find so many unusual outlet plugs when you go traveling!  However, when you do see another standard with the same numeric identifier, like UL 60950-1, you can be assured that it is a national adoption of an IEC standard.

Should you want to see what IEC standards have been adopted in a particular jurisdiction, please see the IEC affiliate country page.  You can click on the adoptions count and see the actual adopted standards for that country.

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